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Exercises For Your Cat

If your Cat needs to slim down, it’s a two-part process. First, the nutritional quality of the food and the quantity they are eating is paramount. Another factor to their weight gain may be that your cat is not getting enough exercise. Some cats become used to an indoor lifestyle, but that can easily be changed. Here are some ideas to boost the activity level of your cat.

Walking on a harness

Practise makes perfect! Okay, we understand that this may take a while to get right. Many cat owners take their cat for a walk, and if you do you want them to be nearby. If this doesn’t sound like you or your cat, use every opportunity to can at home to make your cat follow, jump and chase whenever you can.

Encourage active play

Buy or make your cat some toys to encourage active play. Ping pong balls or even a scrunched piece of paper work a treat.

Love to climb?

All cats do. We don’t really want to encourage your cat to climb trees, but get some boxes for your cat to climb in and out of. Or a cat play centre that encourages them to climb and hide in and around little nooks and crannies – the best!

Groom Me Mommy

Frequent grooming may definitely help, and offers you the opportunity to connect with your cat. Massage and stretching also helps to warm up muscles, release tension and stimulate blood circulation.





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