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Exercises For Your Cat

If your Cat needs to slim down, it’s a two-part process. First, the nutritional quality of the food and the quantity they are eating is paramount. Another factor to their weight gain may be that your cat is not getting enough exercise. Some cats become used to an indoor lifestyle, but that can easily bePetzone Blog

This Really Works: How To Stop Your Dog Begging

It’s hard, really hard, to resist those puppy eyes from your fur baby when they see you have food. We think we are treating our dogs to give them food from the table — just a small taste we tell ourselves — but the truth is it can lead to associated health problems with weightPetzone Blog

Is Your Dog Overweight? Ideal Weight Ranges by Breed

Dogs can easily be impacted by their activity levels, age, whether or not they have been neutered, and the type of breed they are – all of which can lead to weight gain. While they may look fine to you, in some dog breeds extra weight can be hidden underneath their fur and large frame.Petzone Blog

Is Your Cat Overweight? Here’s How to Tell

Cats can vary so much in size and shape, even within a specific breed. This can make it difficult to determine if yours is overweight.   Each individual pet really is different. Some broader, more muscular breeds can hide excess weight fairly easily. While these below are suggested ideal weight ranges for cats, for aPetzone Blog

When Chubby and Cute Becomes Dangerous

It’s hard to admit it, but chubby is not cute when it comes to your pet’s health. There are dangers to excess kilos, and obesity-related diseases are real. It’s important you know all the facts so you can make better choices when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness. Why being overweight is aPetzone Blog